Guided Tour

Witness the fascinating history of the development of printing since the 15th century and experience everything about publishing and printing in the vicinity of the Pavillon-Presse. This tour is also available for groups during regular opening times (Mondays and Fridays), as well as by appointment. Tours are offered in German, as well as in English by appointment.

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Key Aspects of the Tour:

  • The development of letterpress printing since Gutenberg, hand setting, machine setting, phototypesetting.
  • Demonstration of the tools and presses of the house.
  • Differences between¬†printing methods: letterpress, intaglio, planographic.
  • The history of publishing and printing in Weimar, with a focus on the Pavillon-Presse area.

Expert Tours by:

  • Lena Haubner, Master of Arts
  • Ralf Herrmann, Diplom-Designer
  • Prof. (erem.) Jay Rutherford