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  • Anatomy Of A Typeface

    Signatur: B:1 L009

    ISBN: 9780879233334

    Seiten: 432

    Von: Alexander Lawson

    Verlag: Penguin / Putnam

    Jahr: 1994

    Inhalt: To the Layman, all printing types look pretty much alike. But for typographers, designers, and graphic artists, the question of how letters are formed, how they have evolved, and how they should be used remains one of passionate concern. The exploration of letterforms, and their division into 'families' or generic groupings, is at the heart of this comprehensive study. Alexander Lawson, who taught typography for thirty years at the Rochester Institute of Technology, explores the vast territory of types - their development and uses, their antecedents and offspring - with precision, insight, and clarity. Anatomy of a Typeface is the first masterpiece of its kind since Daniel Berkeley Updike published his magisterial Printing Types in 1922.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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