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  • Graphic Design & Reading

    explorations of an uneasy relationship

    Signatur: B:1 S014

    ISBN: 9781581150636

    Seiten: 244

    Von: Gunnar Swanson

    Verlag: Allworth Communications, Inc.

    Jahr: 2000

    Art: Softcover

    Inhalt: A collection of essays from a wide range of perspectives, exploring theultifaceted interaction between graphic design and reading. The writersffer explanations of traditions of typography as reading aids, as well asadical interventions that are attacks on - or improvements on - establishedeading patterns. Browsing magazines in the doctor's waiting room,xperiencing an e-book online, contemplating the German one-word poster;hese arenas, and many more, offer springboards for investigating thisomplex relationship.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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