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Pavillon-Presse Weimar
  • Kompendium Für Alphabeten

    Signatur: B:1 G007

    ISBN: 9783721202366

    Seiten: 180

    Von: Karl Gerstner

    Verlag: Niggli

    mehr von Niggli

    Jahr: 2000

    Inhalt: The great Swiss typographer Karl Gerstner's 'writing system' remains a classic for designers more than 30 years after its publication. Author of The Designer as Programmer, Gerstner was hugely influential; 'nobody matched [his] orginality as a typographer nor his daring as an advertising designer, and as a theorist he was for decades the most coherent writer on graphics,' writes eye magazine. Yes, the text is only in German, but this square little book, mostly black-and-white, bound at the top, contains a lifetime of wisdom about the use of letterforms and key issues like spacing, kerning, screens, script forms, arranging words on a page-just about everything that affects the most important issue of all: legibility.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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