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  • Lettering

    A Reference Manual of Techniques

    Signatur: B:1 H014

    ISBN: 9781856696869

    Seiten: 240

    Von: Andrew Haslam

    Verlag: Laurence King Publishers

    Themen-Links: Lettering

    Jahr: 2011

    Inhalt: Using a combination of explanatory text, step-by-step photographs and classic and contemporary examples, this unique survey brings together over 130 processes involved in creating lettering and applying it to surfaces. Included are hand-drawn lettering techniques (from sign writing to tattooing); dimensional lettering (hand engraving to laser cutting); typesetting (from letterpress to lettering in food); printing (Letraset to printing on bank notes); lettering on textiles (embroidery to flag-making); and illuminated type (neon signage to holography). Any designer wishing either to create lettering themselves or to commission work from external sources can use the book to look up the technical needs and processes for a particular task, so instantly expanding their repertoire of typographic media.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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