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  • Making Digital Type Look Good

    Signatur: B:1 G014

    ISBN: 9780500283134

    Seiten: 191

    Von: Bob Gordon

    Verlag: Thames & Hudson

    Jahr: 2001

    Inhalt: New technology has made typesetting possible for anyone. But the way in which type is actually used needs expert care and attention. That is where 'Making Digital Type Look Good' comes in. It meets the requirements of designers and typographers by providing a host of specimen settings while explaining in clear, succinct and accessible language the route to typographic excellence. The book includes - A history of digital typography showing how it works, the anatomy of type, type rendering, font technology and font fine-tuning; Specimen settings of a host of fonts using the many hyphenation, justification and kerning values offered by modern design software; Advice on how to handle display type in print, on the Web and in multimedia; A list of key foundries and a comprehensive glossary, making this a required resource for the typographer - student or professional.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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