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  • Printing Types: Their History, Forms, And Use

    Signatur: B:1 U001

    ISBN: 9781584560562

    Seiten: 329

    Von: Daniel Berkeley Updike

    Verlag: Oak Knoll Press

    Jahr: 2001

    Inhalt: This work explores the art of typography from the dawn of printing to the twentieth century. By tracing the development of type design, Updike discusses the importance of each historic period and the lessons it contains. The original two-volume set has been combined into one hardbound book containing the original 367 typographical illustrations selected from rare and beautiful books. In Volume I, Mr. Updike discusses the Latin alphabet, the invention of printing, the cutting and casting of types, fifteenth-century types in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and England as well as German, Italian, and French types of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. Volume II continues the discussion of types to the beginning of the nineteenth century and then describes American types and nineteenth-century types in general. This work is the third edition, reprinted with new introduction by Martin Hutner. Co-published with The British Library. Over 367 typographical illustrations

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