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  • Twentieth Century Type

    Signatur: B:1 B014

    ISBN: 9783927258891

    Seiten: 191

    Von: Lewis Blackwell; Angus Hyland

    Verlag: Gingko Press

    Jahr: 1998

    Inhalt: This Book is what it says -- a remix of Lewis Blackwell's critically acclaimed Twentieth-Century Type. Analysing, editing and augmenting his own text and choice of images, Blackwell provides a radically new assessment of the cutting-edge culture of typographicled design in the late twentieth century. This book challenges the concept of how typographic communication works today, but in doing so strengthen its ties with the traditions of the past. An introductory essay shows how current creative trends are simply part of the continuum of change that can be plotted from the turn of the last century to the turn of the next. Strong illustrated intersection dividers, specially commissioned from leading designers, set the scene for each chapter, or decade, and the space devoted to the 90s has been substantially expanded. Twentieth Century Type Remix is essential reference for anyone actively involved in the graphic design process.

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