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Pavillon-Presse Weimar
  • Type & Typography

    Signatur: B:1 B028

    ISBN: 9780823055241

    Seiten: 198

    Von: Phil Baines; Andrew Haslam

    Verlag: Watson-Guptill

    Jahr: 2002

    Art: Softcover

    Inhalt: • Includes 2 extensive timecharts, one on type designers, one on the evolution of writing and printing—reference at a glance • Newly revised and expanded • Hundreds of remarkable photographs and illustrations From the history of language and writing systems, to the development of letterforms and movable type, to the evolution of today’s digital systems,Type and Typographyoffers an overview of the typefaces available today and a practical guide to using type as a meaningful element of design in all mediums.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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