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    Signatur: B:1 K039

    ISBN: 9780907259176

    Seiten: 391

    Von: Robin Kinross

    Verlag: Hyphen

    mehr von Hyphen Press

    Jahr: 2002

    Inhalt: For twenty-five years, Robin Kinross has been making a case for typography as a matter of fine detail and subtle judgment, whose products concern all of us, every day. This selection of his writings-including some previously unpublished-brings his major themes into focus: the unsung virtues of editorial design and information design, the fate of Modernism in the twentieth century, and the virtues of a socially oriented design approach. His much sought-after and out-of-print pamphlet Fellow Readers (1994) is reprinted in full.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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