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  • A Collection Of Observations On Types Best Remembered

    Signatur: C:4 T005

    ISBN: 9781884606007

    Seiten: 176

    Von: Robert Norton

    Verlag: Parsimony Press

    Jahr: 1993

    Inhalt: Above all this is a fun book. A large part of what might be called the Graphic Mafia was canvassed for its views on what typefaces were good & what typefaces were lousy. Answers come from a wide range of people working in America & Europe, from type designers like Hermann Zapf & Matthew Carter, through journalists like Daniel Will-Harris & Kathleen Tinkel, scholars like John Dreyfus, printers like Sebastian Carter & Jack Stauffacher, & graphic designers like John Miles & Alan Fletcher to type founders like Cynthia Hollandsworth & Mark Batty. Some pieces are witty. Some pieces are serious. Some are very short. One or two are far too long. What one person loves another might hate. Now that more than thirty million computers a year are being added to the desk top publishing pool, the book is revealing for a growing number of neophytes. It is probably valuable for design students. And it is certainly fun for the professionals. Enquiries to Parsimony Press, #407, 9715 Juanita Drive NE, Kirkland, WA 98034.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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