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  • Indie Fonts

    Signatur: C:4 I001

    ISBN: 9780963108227

    Seiten: 408

    Von: Richard Kegler; James Grieshaber; Tamye Riggs

    Verlag: P-Type Publications

    Jahr: 2002

    Inhalt: Companion CD-ROM with 30 Free FontsToday's computers provide a selection of fonts that serve reasonably well for workaday letters and publications, but have become utterly boring from overuse. If you want your project to attract the reader's attention you need an original font.Indepedent type designers have devoted their talents to producing fresh, new fonts that can give your text a major boost. Indie Fonts provides a showcase collection of almost 2000, diverse fonts from 18 of today's hottest digital type foundries and features the best work from these designers. Indie Fonts will help you find some of the highest quality fonts available today.You will discover such foundries as Letterror, PSY/OPS, and Test Pilot Collective, alongside P22 type foundry, Font Diner and Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute. The type styles range from the best of Matthew Carter's classic designs to the latest irreverence of Chank Diesel. Every designer searching for unique typefaces will find what he or she is looking for, from historical revivals to futuristic techno faces.The book's fully cross-referenced index of type designs and designers, accompanied by one-line illustrations of the fonts for quick reference, expedites the search. Direct access listings to the foundries' web-sites and phone numbers. Also included is a helpful glossary of typographic terminology and quick reference charts so you can track down those unusual characters required in many languages, such as a, e, i, and, u, and sometimes.

    Sammlung: Rutherford Collection

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